Ribo Sangchoe Incense


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The Tibetan word Ribo (or riwo) means ‘hilltop’, Sang* (in this context) means clairvoyant and Tsoe is a type of worship.  Ribo Sanchoe translates as ‘mountain smoke offering’

The purpose of this incense is to cleanse and purify oneself and the surroundings impurity or contamination. Along with prayer and meditation, it is also used during the hoisting of prayer flags and offering ceremonies.

*Sang also means to remove, take away; purified, cleared, cleansed, or awakened.  It is also the name of the raw incense powder, which is made from crushed and ground plant material.  This powder is then made into the various forms of incense.  e.g. sticks, ropes, coils, cones.