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Snow Lion are importers, wholesale and retail suppliers of the finest quality authentic products from Nepal and India, as well as locally manufactured products.
At Snow Lion we try to ensure that we source our Tibetan and Nepalese products from individuals and communities in support of the Tibetan People's refugee situation. Our gifts and clothing items are bought with careful attention to source, manufacturing processes, employment practices and environmental impact.
Many of our goods are hand-made and support a range of communities in Africa and across Asia.
We do not purchase goods or products from companies who employ child labour and/or use unfair labour practices or inferior quality products.

Why Snow Lion?
Snow Lions are traditionally the protectors of the Buddha. They can often be seen supporting the lotus, sun and moon discs in the base of the thrones of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Historically eight Snow Lions represent the eight main Bodhisattva-disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni, the Buddha of this era.
Snow Lions are known for their fearlessness and ability to overcome obstacles and for their strength over mountain and earth elements. Their main qualities are unconditional cheerfulness, a mind free of doubt, clarity and precision. In current times, Snow Lions are found on the Tibetan Flag and are considered to be the protectors of the Tibetan people.

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