MDBLC Gift Pack

MDBLC Gift Pack

Manjushri Di Chen Buddhist Learning Centre (MDCBLC) is a small monastic school for monks in Pharping, Nepal.  

This incense is made by the monks of the centre to raise funds for the running of the centre.  

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MDBLC Incense comes from a centuries old tradition of combining special and therapeutic substances derived from herbs, flowers, spices and minerals. In fact these are the same herbs that are used for medicinal healing purposes in Tibetan medicine.

The ingredients used in M.D.B.L.C Incense not only have an aromatic fragrance but the High Himalayan herbs used are considered valuable due to their scarcity and healing properties.  The 32 Ingredients include  Saffron, Special Grade White Sandalwood, Myrobalan, Amber, Roseroot, Nutmeg, Sal tree, Cedar, Juniper, Amber, Musk, Jasmine, Lemongrass, Rose, Mint, Lemon Pine, Cinnamon, Lavender.  The high quality and grade MDBLC incense gives off non harmful smoke.  

No animal products have been used in this incense therefore it can be offering any temple and prayer hall and can be used in your living room as well. Beside its spiritual use, we highly recommend you to burn this incense to ease any stress or strains your may have.

The use of this incense helps to keep your mind at peace.

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