Prayer Flags Large

Prayer Flags Large

String of 10 flags 24cm x 20cm

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Traditional rolls of tibetan prayer flag strings from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Tibetan prayer flags are strung throughout the Himalayas & the world, creating an atmosphere of peace, serenity, and hope wherever they are flown. Tibet Prayer Flags are traditionally hung outside temples, at holy sites, crossroads, over bridges, roof-tops, atop mountain summits or anywhere open, where the prayers may meet the wind. Prayer flags are said to invoke compassion, harmony, peace, wisdom, strength, and to offer protection against dangers and evil. Stringing Buddhist Prayer Flags is thought to be beneficial for all beings in the immediate area, and to benefit the karma of the individual who hangs the flags. Prayer flags will deteriorate from time spent out in the elements, so they are typically renewed each Tibetan new year by pilgrims visiting sacred sites. The old flags are not removed, the new flags are simply added to the existing prayers. 

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